Welcome to Felloe

We are a wheel engineering, design and sourcing service company.

Our first focus is the manufacturing of bicycle rims and components. We sell rims to brands who can leverage our knowledge and expertise in developing their product. We also offer customized OEM production based on our customer’s needs. For this reason, our rim line details are accessible only to registered users. We offer very low minimum order quantities and when stock allows we can offer single pairs of rims. Please contact us with your request.

Our second focus is Wheel Metrics™. Our goal is the creation of standards and tools to allow industry participants and end users to better understand wheel and rim compatibility. We will be working with international standards organizations to improve standards for rims and tires. We are but a few experts in this incredibly complex field and recognize the wisdom of Kenneth H. Blanchard’s quote “None of us is as smart as all of us”. For this reason, we at Felloe have endeavored to reach out to wheel masters globally to contribute to the creation of industry standards.

If you are in the business of wheels feel free to contact us at orders@felloe.org.