The directDimension (“dD”)™ Standard

The dD Standard is an elegant solution that allows tire manufacturers and rim makers to label rims and tires with a standardized numeric value to indicate compatibility. The dD Standard measures the total contribution of all elements of a final mounted and inflated tire section. The dD Standard Tool allows users to measure a rim or tire that has not adopted the dD Standard marking to measure and predict the section of the inflated tire and rim assembly. Instructions for the use of dD Tool can be found here.

One Rim to Rule Them All

We have created our Golden Standard Rim Tools to allow for the management of tubeless tire compatibility with the international tubeless standards. Currently available in three sizes: Ø559, Ø584, and Ø622, each of our Golden Rims have both the standard maximum and minimum diameter stipulated for each size. Through this unique design, our Golden Rims permit the simultaneous testing of compliance with both maximum and minimum tubeless standards. The maximum diameter permits for the testing of the bead to ensure that it is not undersized. The minimum diameter permits the test seating of an inflated tire.

Contact us for pricing and availability and check back regularly for an announcement of new sizes.

The Bead-O-Meter

The long needed Bead-o-meter is a tool, made to measure bead diameters at full inflation pressure to within 30microns. This will allow anyone in wheel craft to quickly determine if a rim or a tire is the problem when a tire rim fit comes up. The render here shows a version for 5 adult bicycle ETRTO/ISO bead specifications.  Place one of the tire beads on, lock the lever and read the value. Compare to a chart and you have very accurate actual bead diameter. Each Bead-O-Meter is made to order and bead diameters are selected by the client. Please contact us for more details.

Pi Spoke Ruler

The patented Pi spoke ruler (US Patent No. D811908) provides a high contrast 0.5mm accuracy measurement throughout the spoke ruler. The design allows measurement of both J-bend and Straight pull spokes in a single tool. Furthermore, the parallax groove centers the spoke and brings the measurement point to the scale face thereby reducing parallax error caused by the angle of the user.