Hello Fellow Wheelwrights,


Thank you for visiting the Felloe.org website. We are encouraged about how many wheel builders have expressed interest in our wheel designs and sourcing service. We are writing to share an innovative solution to help you bring your ideas and products to your customers. Our new program is called the Felloe Innovation Initiative.


The Problem

We have identified a common barrier slowing or stopping many clients from making bespoke rims. The culprit, tooling and set up costs. These upfront costs are traditionally prohibitive for brands looking to bring new designs to market. We have looked at ways to increase efficiencies in the prototyping and manufacturing process to reduce costs and the time needed to launch a new rim design.

In the simplest of terms we have refined the predictive process to more effectively assess a specific profile’s extrudability. This, combined with our automated servo controlled forming machines to hoop the rims, has all but eliminated forming scrap and reduced our set up time by +/- 82% in comparison to traditional methods.

In addition to this, one of the most critical steps, and most capital intensive for development of a rim is the welding process. Reducing the guess work in the design of welding tooling further reduces the need for retooling that is so common among nearly all of our competitors.


The Solution: Felloe Innovation Initiative

Felloe now offers NO tooling or set up fees for rims in volumes as low as 200 pcs for select products. You retain exclusive rights to your shape with the option of letting your rim join the Felloe family and be offered for sale on www.felloe.org thereby allowing you to have an additional income stream through royalties.

Contact us today and tell us what kind of rim you have always wanted to make.