2018 Beta Testing with Select Brands.

The 3617 hookless profile is designed for wider tires and offers a full width support for tires ranging from 50-70mm (dD 38~dD58). The shallower rim profiles allow for a dramatic decrease in translational moment of inertia (“MOI”) while retaining high in-plane rigidity.  We at Felloe have drawn upon our extensive knowledge of magnesium to overcome many technical barriers to bring you this exciting light weight rim. This rim will only be available to Select Brands for beta testing in 2018, contact us to see if you qualify.


EnduraMag 260
Tubeless compatible
Hook width 36mm
Depth 17mm
dD width 11.5
Weight 440gr (29″) 415gr (650B) 396gr (26″)
ERD   607mm (29″) 569mm (650B) 544mm (26″)
Section neutral radius  306mm (29″) 287mm (650B) 274mm (26″)
MOI 20.7 (29″) 17.1 (650B) 14.9 (26″) gm2
Second moment of area (cm^4)  Ix 3.2, Iy 18.0

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